RestoRacing LLC is a privately owned business that specializes in the restoration of classic autos. Established in 2005, RestoRacing has had the unique opportunity to restore some of the hobbies rarest and most sought after muscle cars.

Believing that quality in this industry is what our customers demand and deserve, we at RestoRacing completely perform all auto restorations in-house. Every car is done from start to finish by a small team of experienced professionals who exceed superior levels of experience, knowledge, and qualification in the art of automobile restoration. Whether the car is built for a private individual or restored to be sold to a top classic car enthusiast - great care and pride as well as the constant demand for quality and authenticity goes into each and every classic car we have the privilege to work on.

RestoRacing is not the biggest classic car restoration company in America, but once you sit in our cars, look under the hood, inspect the paintjob and start the engine of one of our classic car restorations we are sure you will agree that RestoRacing is one of the premier classic car restoration companies in the USA. We have 100% satisfaction record with all of our past clients to solidify this claim. In the muscle car restoration industry, that is no small feat.

We love classic cars and muscle cars just as much as you do. We've spent years perfecting our craft and we do go beyond to make sure all the authentic details of our clients cars are restored to perfection. Our restored muscle cars are simple a work of art and we sincerely hope you cherish them, while those around you admire them. If you get the chance to own one of our classic cars, you will agree.

Please feel free to drop us a line and let RestoRacing give you a restored piece of automobile history.